Founded at the University of Michigan in 2008, the TAMID Group is a student-led initiative that connects students from over 50 universities with the Israeli economy. This is achieved through a comprehensive curriculum geared towards the sustained continuous engagement of business-minded students from all disciplines consisting of an educational program, a student-managed investment fund, a consulting practice, and a summer fellowship that sends interns to Israeli companies. TAMID Group at UCLA consists of students from all majors, varying from political science to engineering.


Through TAMID, students have the opportunity to both invest a small fund in Israeli publicly traded securities and directly engage Israeli businesses through strategic consulting projects, which allows them to develop skills that align with their professional aspirations. At the conclusion of each academic year, a select group of TAMID members culminates their experience by spending a summer interning at prominent Israeli companies.

To learn more about the TAMID organization’s mission and presence around other chapters visit TAMID Nationals.